The Entry Trail

Just past the Northwest Stream Center Gate House is the Entry Trail – a great example of Low Impact Design. The first 120’ of the 364’-long entry trail is comprised of interlocking pavers over a sub-drain of washed gravel. Rainfall drains through fine washed gravel between the pavers to a sub drain of washed gravel below and into the ground and the underlying water table…a very “fish friendly” construction project for salmon nearby in North Creek.
This beautiful addition was made possible thanks to the generosity of Mutual Materials who provided the Eco Priora pavers and CalPortland Aggregate who provided the base and sub drain washed gravel and the fine crushed gravel that leads to the Trout Stream Bridge Crossing and the Visitors Building. Thanks to these wonderful partners, the Northwest Stream Center Entry Trail is universally accessible to wheel chairs and walkers providing easy access for all to the Elevated Nature Trail.
As you walk along the Entry Trail, you will learn about the fish that call adjacent North Creek home and see a sculpture by Tom Jay of a Sabertooth salmon fossil from 14 million years ago!