Consider becoming a member of the Adopt A Stream Foundation. Your support helps us to teach people how to become stewards of their watersheds!
Membership also has its benefits, including but not limited to:

• Discounted ticket prices to the majority of Streamkeeper Academy classes;
• Ten per-cent discounts on the Streamkeeper Catalog inventory;
• Access to the Natural Resource Library at the Northwest Stream Center Visitors Building.

There are a number of membership options for you to consider that could fit your interests!

Take a look at our membership application form. You can print that out and send it to us, or give give us a call at (425)-316-8592 and we will be pleased to take care of you over the telephone as well.

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In addition to becoming a member of the Adopt A Stream Foundation, you can support our conservation efforts and the long-term development and operations of the Northwest Stream Center by donating directly.

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For more information on donations please call our Executive Director, Tom Murdoch at (425)-316-8592 or email