“This is a great book…great science and a fun read!” 

Katherine Armintrout, University of Washington School of Fisheries Science student.

“The Guide has been an invaluable resource in developing a successful Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program that provides credible and quality data for Missouri streams.  Several thousand dedicated volunteers in Missouri are proud to own this comprehensive and entertaining guide to stream monitoring techniques.”         

The Missouri Stream Team Program: The Missouri Stream Team Program is a partnership between the Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Conservation Federation of Missouri

“While academics were busy debating the idea of stream health, the Adopt A Stream Foundation staff produced the most comprehensive and understandable guide I’ve seen on watershed and steam monitoring.  I could not put down this 296-page manual when I first saw it… Citizens, teachers, students, landowners, and scouts will find concepts, resources and practical advice for answering the question, ‘How healthy is your stream?’… Reading this guide renewed my hopes for the future of our natural heritage.”

Donald J. Orth, review in Fisheries Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Science Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA

“If you drink ice-water or eat seafood, if you love creeks, rivers, fish or fishing, if you care about kids and every other form of wildlife that can’t live without H20, then this book is to you what the Rand McNally Road Atlas is to motorists.”

David James Duncan, author The River Why and the Brothers K

“This manual contains excellent information presented in a way that is useful to any citizen concerned with water resources.  With a teacher or parent’s guidance, an elementary school student could use this guide.  A professional stream biologist will also find new information, particularly about how to involve community leaders and elected officials to preserve our resources…”

Leska Fore and Dr. James R. Karr University of Washington Institute of Environmental Studies

“It is an impressive document.  Congratulations!  We are using it in our environmental studies classes.”

George W. Hinman, Professor and Chair Washington State University Environmental Science & Regional Planning

“I think you have ‘written the book’ on stream and watershed stewardship…Great job!

Steve Barnes, Baykeeper NY/NJ Harbor

“It is the best guide to watershed inventory and stream monitoring methods I’ve seen.”

Geoff Dates, Director River Watch Network

“The Guide is really good, comprehensive piece of work…and the cartoons are great.  It covers topics very thoroughly and consequently will be a great reference for the serious Streamkeeper here in B.C.”

Gary Taccogna Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans Salmonid Enhancement Program