Streamkeeper Field guide


Originally published: 1996
Authors: Martha Cheo, Kate O’Laughlin, Tom Murdoch
Editors: Tom Murdoch, Martha Cheo

Extensively tested through six years of field use, this completely revised, comprehensive guide gives detailed instruction on watershed inventory and stream monitoring methods. You will learn how to measure and monitor the physical, chemical & biological aspects of your local streams and watersheds. Follow instructions on making homemade sampling equipment, then use the illustrated aquatic insect key to determine the biological health of your stream.
Includes sections on producing credible data and presenting that data to decision-makers. The easy-to-read, accessible text is a must for people who want to make a difference in their own watersheds.
Designed as a comprehensive field manual, it is appropriate for advanced middle school through college students, as well as elementary teachers & community members who are designing watershed education programs. Reproducible data sheets included. Hundreds of fun & educational illustrations & drawings.
312 pages. A valuable companion to the Guide is the Foundation’s Streamkeeper video. The 25-minute video starring Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is an upbeat training tool for teachers, community groups & students of all ages who want to learn more about watersheds and how to take effective action to protect them.

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