Gate House

Thanks to the generosity of long-time Adopt A Stream Foundation Board Member Elsie Sorgenfrei and Modern Shed, the Northwest Stream Center has a Gate House that is a great example of Low Impact Design.

This 8 X 12 pre-fabricated structure was put up in two days by volunteers on four concrete foundation piers – no need to do any underlying earth disturbance. The Gate House has double paned, argon filled windows and is insulated so well that it can probably be heated with a candle. The exterior siding is made from a concrete based material rather than typical oil based siding.
Thanks to the generosity of Green Grid Roofs, the gate house has a “green roof” of it’s own! Volunteers installed the green roof in a couple of hours one sunny day after Baker Industries Northwest installed a stainless steel frame designed to keep plant modules loaded with sedum plants from sliding off the slope roof.  Board Members Larry Gearheard and Eric Adman help install the final modules.

Thanks to our volunteers directed by Larry Gearheard and major contributors:
Elsie Sorgenfrei
Modern Shed
Green Grid
Baker Industries NW