Stream Team

2020 Board of Directors

Shoreline Fire Department Paramedic & President of Sno/King Watershed Council

13 year former Adopt A Stream Foundation Accountant and Office Manager.

Vice President
Snohomish County PUD Natural Resource Manager

Board Member
Public Education Administrator

Our Board of Directors encompasses a strong representation of racial, ethnic and professional backgrounds. Our members include business representatives, community leaders, scientists, and resource managers.

AASF is expanding its presence in environmental education and stream restoration. We are also developing the Northwest Stream Center. The Board of Directors is actively recruiting new members to help with expansion efforts. Please contact our Executive Director for more information by calling 425-316-8592 and fill out an application form below.

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Tom Murdoch
Executive Director
After earning a BA in Political Science from Slippery Rock University, Tom joined the USAF, became a Weapons Director and, while off duty, picked up a M.A. in Human Relations from Pacific Lutheran University.   He left the military and learned how to "do good for the planet" while studying for a M.P.A. in Natural Resources from the University of Washington’s Institute for Marine Studies. Since then, Tom  has 35+ years of experience as a stream ecologist and environmental educator.  He has directed over 200 small-scale fish and wildlife habitat rehabilitation projects, and was the co-author of the Streamkeeper’s Field Guide and the editor of Adopting A Stream: A Northwest Handbook and Adopting A Wetland: A Northwest Guide.  Tom was also the principle scriptwriter for the Streamkeeper video featuring Bill Nye “the Science Guy.” He has trained educators and community leaders from throughout the western States and BC Canada how to become Streamkeepers and developed the Northwest Stream Center (NWSC) as a place to teach visitors how to become stewards of their watersheds.  In the past, Tom served as an adjunct professor of Stream and Wetland Ecology for Western Washington University.  And, as a head professor of the NWSC's Streamkeeper Academy, Tom often morphs into being Sammy the Salmon for elementary school audiences. Prior to establishing the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation in 1985, Tom was the Water Resource Supervisor for Snohomish County’s Public Works and Planning Departments. He was the principal author of Snohomish County’s first Drainage Ordinance and Storm Water Utility Rate Ordinance; organized Snohomish County’s first Aquatic Resource Protection Program and directed the production of the County’s Stream and Wetland Atlas. He has conducted surveys of the majority of the streams in western Snohomish County.   Tom is a certified diver (PADI) and, when not using an electro-shocker, he occasionally frees seines from logs and boulders in the middle of rivers during fish exclusion activities.  He is also a licensed pilot (FAA Certification #3322997) accomplished in aerial photography focusing on stream and wetland ecology. In 2007, Tom received the Cascade Land Conservancy Land Stewardship Award



Walter Rung
Fish and Wildlife Manager
Walter has an Associate of Science in Fishery Technology degree from Bellingham Technical College and earned his BS in Aquatic and Fisheries Science from the University of Washington. Before joining the Adopt A Stream team initially as a student intern, Walter performed a wide spectrum of volunteer work that provided him training and experience in the following: spawning surveys, spawning adult salmon, and fish collection. Walter’s survey experience includes juvenile Dungeness Crab surveys, beach creosote log inventory, and multiple techniques in sampling salmon carcasses. He is skilled at conducting scientific research collecting and identifying fish and experienced at collecting tissue samples for DNA analysis. During his twelve years with the Adopt A Steam Foundation, Walter has become adept with on-the-ground restoration techniques required for bank stabilization projects, riparian restoration, fish barrier removal, and in-stream fish habitat construction. Walter also has great mechanical skills…he is our “MacGyver” who seems to be able to fix everything that gets broken.

Kyle Koch
Ecologist I
Kyle has a BS in Ecology from Unity College for the Environment in Maine.  From Maine, he traveled to South Carolina working as a specialist in invasive plant management, to New Hampshire where he interned with the U.S. Forest Service constructing in-stream log fish habitat and conducting fish surveys.  Next, Kyle served as a team member with Cape Cod AmeriCorps as an environmental educator for schools and community groups.  Then  he worked with Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group for 10 years last serving as a Habitat Restoration Coordinator. Kyle joined our Stream Team in 2018 bringing to us extensive experience in: fresh water ecology (water quality monitoring, amphibian surveys), fisheries management (snorkel surveys, salmon and trout spawning surveys, electrofishing, forage fish surveys, beach and estuary surveys), and stream restoration (fish barrier removal, in-stream fish habitat construction, invasive plant removal/native plant installation).   In his spare time, he can be found exploring the great outdoors, hiking in the Cascades and taking professional photographs along the way.

John Ucciferri
Senior Fish and Wildlife Technician
John arguably has done more door-to-door stream-side education and outreach than anyone on AASF’s team. He is excellent at interacting with landowners. He can put a homeowner at ease and turns complex ecological concepts into accessible concrete examples. John has 30-years of restoration and forestry experience. John is a key “on-the-ground” stream restoration team member. He has a Class B commercial drivers license, extensive experience working with all types of hand and power tools (including gas, air, and hydraulic based tools), and experience working with heavy equipment, helicopters, and explosives. In addition, John is a USFS certified Class-C chainsaw operator. John has expertise in stream survey including the WDFW fish Barrier Assessment Protocol and in-stream and on slope structure placement; and extensive experience using traps, seines and electro-shockers to conduct fish surveys.

Braden Hourigan
Restoration Technician
As a passionate outdoorsman, Braden enjoys recreating wherever the sounds of the city subside. A backpacking enthusiast; most of Braden’s adventures are motivated by hunting, and otherwise procuring wild, and sustainable foods. Having earned a BA in Sociology from Seattle University, Braden’s outdoor endeavors have instilled within him a deep desire to serve the earth, and realign his career-path with conservation. After leaving his position as the general manager of a small business to focus on volunteerism, Braden worked in construction to allow himself time for such efforts. Braden’s volunteerism primarily concerned the management of the Snoqualmie elk herd, as well as the conservation of Washington’s migratory swans. It is this unique combination of experiences that led Braden to his position as a Restoration Technician with Adopt A Stream Foundation. Between times of immersion in the natural world, Braden takes pleasure in cooking, archery, and repetitively losing games of Scrabble to his wife.

Kelly Singleterry
Media & Communications Manager
After earning a BA degree in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Washington, Kelly worked as a Projects Assistant with Snohomish County’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department where she created a video to promote the Northwest Stream Center as a place to learn about stream ecology before embarking on the new Sky to Sound Water Trail. In 2017, Kelly, who is also a Docent Naturalist at the Northwest Stream Center, joined the Adopt A Stream Foundation with a focus on providing membership services; website support; Streamkeeper Academy, stream restoration, media and communication, Nature Store event promotions, merchandising, facility rentals; general administration support; and on occasion helps out with stream restoration projects. Kelly is also an Apprentice with the Washington State Beekeepers Association’s Master Beekeeper Program and can share information with you about pollinators of all kinds that reside here in the Pacific Northwest. Kelly enjoys traveling, yoga, eating global cuisine, backpacking, and sharing her Northwest Coast culture with others. 

Kathy Arend
Lead Administrative Accountant
Kathy has a BS in Accounting from the State University of New York Institute of Technology in Utica, NY.  She lived and worked in Syracuse, NY before moving to Phoenix, AZ and then to the Pacific Northwest.   She has worked as a Financial Analyst for Philips Medical Systems, Intermec Technologies and Boeing.  She joined our Stream Team in January 2019 as our Accountant.  Kathy enjoys traveling, exploring new wineries, watching football and working in her garden.

Contract Associates

Doug Beyerlein
P.E., Hydrologist
Doug is a certified professional hydrologist and civil engineer with over 37 years of experience in hydrologic modeling, stormwater management, and basin planning and is co-owner of Clear Creek Solutions, Inc., a hydrologic modeling consulting firm. He has a BSCE and MSCE from the University of Washington. Doug has held positions in the public and private sector and helped develop the surface water management program for Snohomish County. His responsibilities have included watershed planning, streamflow and water quality monitoring, lake management, public education, flood control planning, development of county drainage code, and compliance with state and federal water quality laws. He has provided consulting services to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Emergency Management Administration, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service, Washington State Department of Ecology, and numerous county and city agencies.

Jay Kidder
As the owner of Chinook Engineering, Jay provides civil, mechanical, structural and environmental engineering services to state and federal agencies, private non-profit groups, Indian tribes, and private developers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a B.S. in Fisheries Biology from the University of Washington. Jay's skills include project planning, design, and construction management for salmonid hatcheries, fish passage and screening facilities, and spawning channels. He is also experienced in preparing fisheries studies and conducting biological analyses for fisheries enhancement programs. During the last 28 years Jay’s work includes design, survey, and construction management for the following: restoration of degraded stream habitat, off channel rearing habitat, culvert removal/replacement, bridge design, large woody debris placement, and rock/boulder cascade fish ladders and general fish barrier removal.