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“Sammy the Salmon”


What is a watershed? The large area of land around a stream that drains to that stream.

What is a riparian zone? The area of vegetation next to a stream that affects the ecology of that stream. 

What are benthic macroinvertebrates? Aquatic life with no spines that you can see without a microscope living on the bottom of streams. 

Can I see how they are linked together with fish? Look at Fresh Waters Flowing from the Video Section of the Nature Store. Enjoy - its free!

Is there a light hearted introduction on how to inventory and monitor streams?  Get the Streamkeeper starring Bill Nye the Science Guy just released on DVD! 


New Northwest Stream Center Features

Entry Trail

Elevated Nature Walk & Trout Stream Exhibit:

It was an incredibly engaging experience making me curious to learn more with each step...I really enjoyed the interpretive signs.  I could just stare at those underwater (Trout Stream Exhibit) animals for hours and hours.”  Jessica Diallo

A Message on How to Make Streams  Better for Salmon and Trout


A nice stop on the road and a reason to smile!


Help us keep making every day Earth Day:


Internship Opportunities

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

WWU Intern Kaitlin Andes cleans viewing window of the Trout Stream Exhibit

Sammy teaches the life cycle of salmon to 80 Riverview Elementary School

2nd graders


Sammy the Salmon checks new fish ladder

In 2006, the Adopt A Stream Foundation won  the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Radical Salmon : Innovations in Salmon Restoration Design award for  a “Stacked Culvert Fish Ladder.” 

Since then, we have installed three. Swim upstream with Sammy the Salmon to the newest fish ladder on Japanese Gulch!!


Streamkeeper Academy 2016 CALENDAR


1   Killer Whale Tales

7   Junior Streamkeepers

13 Salmon in the Forest

21 All About Bats

28 Creature of the Black Lagoon

Volunteer Opportunities

All Year

Volunteers Larry and Kristin “harvest” leaves from the Trout Stream Exhibit