Killer Whale Tales

See Killer Whales “swimming” on the walls at the Northwest Stream Center.  Thanks to amazing video photography by Jeff Hogan from Killer Wale Tales (, you will be able to learn how to identify each member of the “Southern Pod.”  They reside in waters around the San Juan Islands and make occasional trips south into Puget Sound. 

Jeff will teach you to recognize if the Orcas you see in Puget Sound are hunting for salmon, traveling from one area to another, or just playing as they leap and splash.  You will also observe these magnificent whales  sleeping....they sleep “on the move” by putting one-half of their extremely large brain to sleep while navigating with the other half!!

Thanks to a video-cam attachment, you will see a “whales eye view” of swimming in a killer whale pod (never seen on TV).  “Jeff Hogan’s entertaining presentation is not only very educational, but fun for young and old.” says Adopt A Stream Foundation’s Tom Murdoch.  “He is not only a great teacher and photographer, but a trained actor to boot.  Jeff puts on a ‘whale of a show’!!!”

This will be a fun afternoon that you can cap off with a stroll around the Northwest Stream Centers Elevated Nature Trail and where you can learn about salmon habitat that is essential for the survival of killer whales. 


Date: Saturday, May 5                           
Time: 1pm
Tickets: $5 Members / $7 Non-members.

Advance Purchase Necessary.  Call 425-316-8592 for reservations.
Minimum Class Size: 20
Age Recommendation: Grade 1 to Adult.

First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story

Winner! Best Independent Award

The hummingbird nesting movie, "First Flight" won BEST of Category - INDEPENDENT, Merit Award for Storytelling, Merit Award for Educational Value, Merit Award for Animal Behavior and Merit Award for Backyard Nature at the 33rd International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula, Montana!

"Sometimes, the smallest thing can change your life..." one of the smallest birds in the world indeed changed the life of New York advertising photographers into the award winning film makers!

Documenting the lucky finding of the tiny hummingbird's nest on the clothesline in their new home in Las Vegas, the Carroll’s turned the story of Honey, the mother hummingbird and her little chicks into a book and a movie...

This charming 45 minute nature documentary invites you to witness personal life of hummingbirds. Witness breathtaking moment of Honey laying her eggs and the tiny hatchlings Ray and Zen pecking themselves into a new life. 

After the movie, there will be a special 10 minute film segment focusing on hummingbird tongues! Then there will be short Q&A session about local hummingbirds conducted by hummingbird fan Tom Murdoch.  Copies of the First Flight book and video are available at the Northwest Stream Center Nature Store.

The Gate House will open at 6 pm - arrive before 6:30 and you can take a stroll on the Elevated Nature Trail!

Date: Thursday, May 11
Time: 7 PM
Tickets: Admission is $3.  Space is limited and past shows have filled up - advance registration is required by calling 425-316-8592.
Age Recommendation: This fascinating and beautiful film is great for the whole family!  Attention parents: kids love this film.

Docent Naturalist Training

Nature Teachers Wanted!!!

Do you love getting in the outdoors? Are you passionate about the ecology of the Pacific Northwest?  Do you enjoy talking with small groups of people and exchanging knowledge?  If you answered yes to these questions, you should consider becoming a Docent Naturalist at the Northwest Stream Center.

While it is great if you have a lot of knowledge about forests, streams, wetlands, fish and wildlife it is not essential.  The Adopt A Stream Foundation has scheduled orientation and full training events that, along with some required reading, will provide you with the background that you need.

Interested? Fill out an application form and route it to the Adopt A Stream Foundation.  In order to qualify, you must attend an Orientation event on Monday May 15, 1pm to 3pm or Tuesday May 16, 7-9pm; and a Full Training event on Friday May 19, 10am-3pm or Saturday May 20, 10am-3pm.  See more details.  After complete your training and your office for at lease two four hour shifts per month will be on an amazing Elevated Nature Walk!

Dates: Orientation Monday May 15 or Tuesday May 15; Full Training Friday May 19 or Saturday May 20
Time: Orientation Times -May 15, 1-3pm or May 16, 7-9pm.  Full Training Times - May 19, 10am to 3pm or Saturday May 20, 10am to 3pm
Application Fee: $30 registration is required by calling 425-316-8592.
Age Recommendation: 18 to old timers!

All About Beavers

Beavers: the best Dam movie ever!!

Sammy the Salmon is the evening’s master of ceremony and he will open the show by telling you why beaver ponds are great places for juvenile salmon steelhead and trout.

Then, you will see the 31 minute IMAX movie Beavers

Take a virtual swim with Beavers and experience the rich aquatic habitat of one of natures greatest engineers.  Set in the pristine forest and lakes in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the film follows the lives of a family of beavers as they grow, play and transform the worlds around them...these critters are amazing engineers!!!

Beavers has played to over 14 million viewers and delighted audiences all over the world.

At the end of movie, Fred the Head, the skull of a 69lb. beaver, will join stream ecologist and big beaver fan Tom Murdoch who will use his telepathic powers to extract audience questions about beaver habits and habitat requirement, quickly answer those questions and share some “face to face” beaver experiences.

The Gate House will open at 6 pm - arrive before 6:30 and you can take a stroll on the Elevated Nature Trail.  Call early to reserve a seat as space is limited for this event!!

Date: Thursday, May 25 
Time: 7 PM
Tickets: $3 -
Space is limited and past shows have filled up - advance registration is required by calling 425-316-8592.   
Age Recommendation: This wonderful film is great for the whole family!  Attention parents: kids love this film