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Adopt A Stream Foundation

C/O Northwest  Stream Center

600 -128th Street SE

Everett, WA 98208

Driving Directions: the Northwest Stream Center is located between Seattle and Everett WA on a 20-acre site next to North Creek.  It is approximately 1/2-mile east of Interstate-5 from the 128th Street Exit (Exit #186), at the south end of Snohomish County’s Mc Collum Park.  After exiting I-5, drive eastbound, turn right into the entrance of the Park on the south side of 128th Street SE. Drive straight to the south end of the park...the NW Stream Center Visitors Building is the last structure at the end of the road.  



The arrow in the map above is next to the parking area used by most NW Stream Center visitors.  There are three buildings south of that arrow. 

The NW Stream Center Visitors Building is the southern most building with a black roof.  Parking around the building is limited; however there are two handicap parking stalls in the small parking lot at the east end of the building.  The two buildings to the north with white roofs are occupied by Washington State University Extension of Snohomish County.

The NW Stream Center Entry Trail is next to the Trout Stream Exhibit structure west of the building...that trail is currently closed due to on-going construction.  To access the front door to the Visitors Building, walk around the  east end of the building through a gate to the front of the building located on the south side of the building.  Questions?  Call the 425-316-8592.

Northwest Stream Center

Mc Collum Park

Visitors Building


NWSC Visitors Building

WSU Extension